SCO19 Handbook

Bullying – Zero-Tolerance Policy

This community takes bullying and the act of bullying very seriously. Remember, there is always a fine line between having ‘banter’ with someone and bullying. Always make sure you know where the line is. The community, members and management are expected to have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying and therefore anyone who breaks this expectation will be removed dealt with accordingly. Further action may be taken by the CMG Community Managers at their discretion.


SCO19 officers are highly trained officers with superior training to regular officers in terms of firearms and throw-able techniques. The tactics include smoke and tear gas as an additional method of enforcing the law. We tend to prioritise responding to firearms situations such as armed robberies or firearms calls on the streets, however we also can attend regular traffic stops, as well as less dangerous and immediate situations.

Rank Structure & Responsibilities

  • SCO19 Division Commander (DC) - The Division Commander is responsible for running the whole of SCO19, they have the final decision on punishment and equipment usage within the division. Division Commander is the most experienced and mature officer within SCO19 so they ensure training is completed to high standards and making sure those standards stay high. When on scene, division commander can take lead of a situation if they feel like it needs it or if it is a hostage situation where a high value target’s life is at stake (e.g Commissioner, Prime Minister). DC can drive any of the SCO19 cars they choose and can drive alone.
  • SCO19 Deputy Division Commander (DDC) - The role of Deputy Division Commander is to provide support to the Division Commander with implementing new ideas and who to accept to SCO19. They are also responsible along with the Division Commander for the SCO19 advanced training, e.g breaching tactics, scene control, pursuit tactics (hard stops) and negotiations. DDC can drive their own car without having to roll with other SCO19, but as already stated, it is always best to roll with at least another SCO19 officer. DDC are also to monitor how all of SCO19 ranks below them are performing and give reports on each officer and support the Division Commander on punishments that need to be handed out.
  • SCO19 Senior SFO (SSFO) - The responsibility of Senior SFO is to train new SCO19 members when they have been accepted, leading training sessions and ensuring that a scene is being controlled. Senior SFO take charge in situations and can overrule any decisions made by SFO’s if they feel it is going to go bad. Senior SFO are put in their roles as they prioritise Roleplay over Gunplay. They do not have to pair up with other SCO19 but this is still recommended.
  • SCO19 SFO (SFO) - Specialised Firearms Officers are responsible for taking control of scenes when needed and keeping AFOs in line. They are more experienced and more trusted than AFOs and have a higher authority within SCO19. SFOs can take over negotiations from an AFO if the AFO is having difficulty dealing with the criminal. To become an SFO you must have proven yourself within the department and shown that you are capable to handle the extra responsibility that the role of SFO brings.
  • SCO19 Authorised Firearms Officer (AFO) - Training Rank - The responsibility of this rank within SCO19 is to provide backup to other SCO19 on scene and make sure they keep surveillance on the situation. AFO’s should not be leading a situation or negotiating unless there is no higher SCO19 on duty, they are solely to provide backup and are not specialised in anything, only basic SCO19 training.

You may only equip 1 primary weapon at a time. SCO do not use shotguns.

At stores you may only use a total of 2 throwables.

At banks you may only use a total of 5 throwables.

Certain banks do not require 5 throwables such as bank of Scotland, fleeca bank and santander.

Make sure you value RP over combat - A firefight is a last resort


  • M4A1/G36/Sig
  • Medical Kit
  • Taser
  • Flash Bangs
  • Tear Gas
  • Baton
  • Glock

Permitted Vehicles

  • Armoured Car #1 - Bank Robberies / Riots (Authorisation required)
  • Unmarked Skoda - Only DC's can use the unmarked Skoda.
  • Unmarked Audi RS6 - Only DC's can use the unmarked Audi RS6.
  • Unmarked Range Rover - Only Senior SFO+ can use the unmarked Range Rover.
  • Unmarked BMW X5 - SFO+ Can use this vehicle.
  • Audi A6 ARV - AFO+ Can use this vehicle.
  • Marked Range Rover - AFO+ Can use this vehicle.
  • BMW X5 ARV - AFO+ Can use this vehicle.

Only the DC can authorise armoured vehicles

Custom imports are allowed but make sure there are at least 2 marked units for every unmarked unit.

You cannot use vehicles based on your PD rank - SCO19 vehicles only.


Call Signs

Once you have completed your training you will be assigned a call sign. This is so that others can easily identify your rank within game. PD Officers will be able to instantly tell your rank and level of experience based on the colour of your shirt, and they vehicle you are driving. SCO callsigns are arranged as follows:

T1 > Department Head

T2 > Deputy Department Head

T3 > Commander of SCO19

T4-T10 > SSFO

T10-20 > SFO

T20+ > AFO

ALL SCO19 OFFICERS MUST display name in TS and use call signs when responding to Scenes


Basic rules:

  1. As the negotiator you can not be harmed by the people you are negotiating with until negotiations are called off.
  2. When negotiating be sure to act professional.
  3. As the negotiator you will have full jurisdiction over the scene and will be able to coordinate the police on scene how you see fit.
  4. After negotiations have concluded you are to search the hostage and they can only leave when you give them permission.

How you should be conducting yourself:

  1. Always stay calm
  2. Always maintain a confident demeanour when talking.
  3. Know your place, Although the opposition has a hostage you have your own leverage since you can apprehend or neutralise said opposition when the time is right.
  4. As said prior maintain professionalism.
  5. Do not resort to any sorts of insults towards the opposition.

Rules for breaching:

  1. You MUST call negotiations off before any breaching or engagement with the target
  2. When coordinating a breach try to use more non-lethals however if it is guaranteed that they will shoot on sight you must do what is necessary to maintain survival of yourself and officers around you.
  3. If the hostage is to be harmed or shot breaching can commence.
  4. If you see a sufficient window to breach in order to save the life of the hostage then you may call of negotiations, EG, the hostage is unsupervised while the robbers are talking.
  5. When negotiations are called off you CANNOT reopen negotiations.

Negotiation offers:

  1. You are NOT allowed to give any government issued police weapons, cars, helicopters ETC in a negotiation.
  2. You are NOT allowed to give any illegal items in negotiations either EG. Guns, Drugs.
  3. When negotiating be realistic and don't give the person in negotiations absolutely anything, it must be in reason EG, no singing or dancing.
  4. When something is promised by the negotiator it MUST be followed .
  5. When giving “Free Passage” if they don't say a distance then the suspect can be tazed once vehicle has been entered.
  6. For money demands check the top left corner

Tactical Approach

When at any crime scene or dangerous situation, you are required to carefully plan out what you are planning to do next. Take the tactical and slow approach to situations. When a hostage is involved and negotiations are called off, your priority is to get the hostage out alive. Do not spray and pray, keep a calm and relaxed mindset. When breaching a building, make sure that you have an armed officer carrying a shield breaching first. When possible use the Alpha, Bravo and Charlie teams to breach strategically and carefully. Never enter any situation with a "fragging" mindset.

The Roles of Each Team


Alpha team are in charge of starting negotiations. Alpha need to meet the robbers demands and control the scene. Negotiation trained officers should be in Alpha team. If there is no negotiation trained officer, and one shows up to the scene they will take over negotiations of the current negotiator is not specially trained for it.

Alpha team is in control of the entire situation. Bravo and Charlie must follow all given instructions from Alpha.


The role of Bravo team is to provide support for Alpha and be ready to breach in case of negotiations being called off. While Alpha is busy taking negotiations and keeping the criminals at bay, Bravo will control all exits of the building, or will be ready to respond in the near vicinity. They may be situated on roofs if permitted to by an SSFO or higher.

The main purpose of Bravo team is to help Alpha breach and take out any suspects. In the worst case scenario if Alpha are compromised Bravo will be able to swiftly move in and take control of the scene. Should Alpha decide to back away, Bravo will be covering them from hidden positions. Bravo will breach through any other exit if possible, while Alpha take the main entrance. Alpha and Bravo should be making an arrest if one happens.

To have a Bravo team on scene there must be 2+ Alpha members.


Charlie team is mainly for support. They will clear the area, cordon it off and keep civilians from entering. Charlie team may breach is commanded to by an SSFO/Highest officer on scene. Charlie are responsible for keeping the active crime scene clear removing anyone who is not involved/should not be there. Charlie team is the safest of all 3 teams, but is still required for large situations. RT/INT/NPAS will be a part of Charlie team if not enough SCO19 officers are available.

Please make sure you have the same name in Teamspeak and Discord as it makes it easier for us to contact you.