Communications System

Bullying – Zero-Tolerance Policy

This community takes bullying and the act of bullying very seriously. Remember, there is always a fine line between having ‘banter’ with someone and bullying. Always make sure you know where the line is. The community, members and management are expected to have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying and therefore anyone who breaks this expectation will be removed dealt with accordingly. Further action may be taken by the CMG Community Managers at their discretion.


One of the key aspects of being a Police Officer is having the ability to use effective communications, one of the ways the CMG Metropolitan Police communicates is via whispers. Whispers give us the ability to speak to other radio channels when we are in a separate radio channel. This gives us the ability to separate ourselves while we are patrolling in certain areas, whenever we need to communicate for whatever reason we will then call in back up.

Back Up Call

It is very important that all officers learn how to effectively communicate via the whispers, especially when you are in/or about to be in an active situation. It is very important that your communications are short, to the point, while still maintaining a good level of description for other officers to know what is going on. A good guideline to effective communications would be to first call out your call sign. Secondly, where you are and the reason why you are using your radio in the first place. Lastly, to describe the situation with as precise and as short as you can.

Please respect the following rules when transmitting across the Radio:

  • You must leave at least 1 second gap between each transmission
  • You must not talk over anyone else on the radio, unless within a /panic situation
  • You must transmit when pressing /panic
  • You must respect clear comms at all times, unless within a /panic situation
  • You must not transmit unnecessary information, if you require to speak to an officer ask them to move to your local channel, or meet them in game.

Hotkeys & Channels

We recommend if you have a NUMPAD to use one of these keys, like NUMPAD 1.

Make sure you're targeting all the correct channels these include:

  • TSG Patrol
  • NPAS India-99
  • NPAS India-98
  • SCO19 Trojan 1
  • SCO19 Trojan 2
  • Interceptor Team
  • Interceptor Team 2
  • Patrol Room 1
  • Patrol Room 2
  • Patrol Room 3

Example Of Good Radio Calls

"PC Bloggs, multiple suspects at Asda (South Los Santos), requesting assistance."

"PC Bloggs, one suspect detained; going to be transporting back to PD for processing."

"PC Bloggs, I'm on a traffic stop with a Black Audi, Strawberry Avenue, can I get additionals to my location as I believe he may attempt to flee."

Whisper List Setup

Please follow our tutorial on how to set up whispers below via many screenshots. If you have any issues while setting up your whispers please contact any member of the police and they will be glad to help you.

Click on tools then click options and find the whisper section in the options tab shown below. Once you have found your whisper tab, click “Whisper Lists"

Once you have clicked on “Whisper Lists” you want to hover over the “New” button at the bottom left of your screen and click it. Once you have done this, you will be asked to assign a hotkey, you will need to refer to the “Whisper Hotkey” section for a suggestion on which key to use.

Once you have selected the correct hotkey, you want to click the tab which says “CMG Official Teamspeak” and then click the tab which says “Channels”. You then want to scroll down to the police section of the channels within the Teamspeak until you find “[cspacer]=Emergency Services/Server 1” and whatever the channel you wish to add to the whisper. For example, if you wish to add the TSG channels you would want to double click the channels that say “[cspacer]=Emergency Services/Server 1 TSG Operations” You then want to repeat the prior steps to add all the whispers to the correct channels and hotkey.

Setting up InterOp keybinds

Settings up InterOp keybinds is not required, however may prove to be extremely helpful in the future. Here is a quick tutorial of how to set these up.

Open TS3 and go to the official CMG server. ( Click on Tools. Then proceed to open Options. You can also hold Alt and click P.

On the right hand side, open Hotkeys and proceed to click Add.

In the top left corner, select On key down. Then press the grey button underneath it that is labelled No Hotkey Assigned. Proceed by pressing the hotkey/hotkey combination you would like to use to enter said channel.

After assigning your hotkey, open up the "Hide Advanced Options" tab at the bottom of the screen. Proceed to the search bar and search for "channel". Scroll down until you find the "InterOp1" and "InterOp2" channels. Select the first one. Then complete the process again, using a different hotkey(s) and hit Ok.

You have now set up your InterOp keybinds. Try it out and feel the ease of switching channels without any hassle.

Quick Tips

  • If you wish to keep your whisper lists cleaner looking, you can always add specific Teamspeak parent channels to the whisper list to avoid having a whisper list full of channels.
  • You can change your whisper list hotkeys if you wish. However, keep in mind that there are multiple keys already being used for different actions in-game. Such as flying, emotes and more. If you are unsure of what keys you can change to, speak to a higher up.